lmfao i dont care how ~true~ your love is 7 years is a fucking gross age difference

that actually depends which exact agre both parties are. i think it stops mattering when both sides are adults.

Guess what when my parents first met each other my mum was 14 and my dad 25.
Back then according to my parents it was love at first sight, but they both were hesistant because of the 11 years age difference.
Until my dad finally found the courage to write a loveletter which my mum still keeps like a treasure.
Now they are happily married for over 25 years and have two sons.
Oh and I almost forgot my grandma was 13 years older than my grandpa, but unfortunately she died before I was born, I was told she was an amazing person.
My brother also is 23 years old while his girlfriend is 17 and they are totally made for each other.

Who cares about age when minds are alike?